Quilt: Mariner's Compass Ultimate Variation

Mariner's Compass Ultimate Variation

     This is my original design made into a tie quilt. This is a medallion style with the mariner's compass in the middle. I did not know that's what is was until some years after I made the quilt. It's batting is 1 1/2" thick so I didn't quilt it. This is the one that is on my bed during the winter. This one has parts of my wedding dress in it, some old boxer shorts (remember when gals used to wear men's boxers as exercise apparel), a real silk but fake kimono from Japan, some old Marine Corps skivvy t-shirts, parts of a pair of denim pregnancy pants, a bedsheet, a shower curtain and some other stuff I forgot. This is actually the first quilt I made with one of my designs. This is all pieced. I made this in 2008.
     This is the design I used for the quilt. I sketched this sometime in the late 1990s.

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