Embroidery: Multiple Starburst

Multiple Starburst

     This is my original design made into an embroidery style wall hanging. This was done for my grandma shortly before her passing. I did the outside medallions on a cream colored fabric and then carefully cut them out. Those were sewn onto the large central design in progress. The central design was then finished around the outer starbursts. The outer bursts were not appliqued onto the middle design as it might appear. The frame is a rawhide several strand (I admit I forgot how many) off set crocodile ridge braid with stylized (once again forgot the proper name) yarn knots anchoring the corners. This was done in March 2010. This is also featured in the header of this site.

close up of multiple starburst

sketch of mutliple starburst

     This is the design I  used for the Multiple Starburst. I sketched this sometime in the late 1990s.

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