Castle Turret

  • Dimensions: 42" x 42"
  • Design, Piecing, Assembly and Hand/Machine Quilting/Embroidery: Joanne Grimes
  • Fabrics: Varieties from local thrift stores
  • Quilting/Embroidering Threads: embroidery and light yarn
  • Embroidering/Machine Stitches: basic machine stitch, embroidery running stitch and french knot

Another project gets its start. The top of the castle turret is done. There are some interesting little things hidden in this quilt. The outside plain block colors correspond the the opposite hexagons. Those colors also are supposed to make up the 6-colored flower schemes (minus any orange color)too.

    Click on a day to see progress:
  • Day 1, Feb 2017
  • Day 2, Feb 2017
  • Day 3, Feb 2017
  • Day 4, Feb 2017
  • Day 5, Feb 2017
  • Day 6, Feb 2017
  • Day 7, Feb 2017
  • Day 8, Mar 2017

  • Day 1, Feb 2017

    I pick the design.

    Here's the original rough sketch design. This is the squarest design I've created and it wasn't really intended to be that way. My designs just happen. I thought it looked like the top of a castle turret, so that's what I called it.

    A closeup of the design showing an outer edge. The non circled numbers tell me where each piece connects. The circled numbers represent the pieces.

    Day 2, Feb 2017

    Okey dokey, here's the fun part. The numbers running down the left side (1-21) correspond to the fabric selection. The groups of numbers associated with those numbers are the piece labels.

    The first round is cut out.

    The layout of the hexagons.

    One of the hexagons sewn together. I know it's not a perfect hexagon. It's how the design worked out.

    A quick look at how I sew on the line from point to point. The alligator clip makes sure the points are exactly lined up.

    All four hexagons are sewn.

    Day 3, Feb 2017

    Round two pieces are laid out.

    Round two is all sewn up.

    Round three is laid out.

    Round three is all sewn.

    Day 4, Feb 2017

    Round four is laid out.

    One side of round four is sewn.

    Day 5, Feb 2017

    Round four is all sewn up.

    The final round is laid out.

    Day 6, Feb 2017

    The top is done.

    Day 7, Feb 2017

    The yarn, embroidery, and other threads that will be used to hand quilt the top. The washable marker lines are part of the spiral-ish top quilt design.

    Day 8, Mar 2017

    All done

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    1. Great planning made this come together so nicely. Well done!