Hoffman Challenge 2013: Peacock Bloom

I decided to try something a bit different and do a Hoffman Challenge. This is my first time doing a wall hanging quilt. This is entirely pieced except for the hoffman fabric embellishments. I hand quilted the top. This measures 36" x 36". It was designed by me.

finished Peacock Bloom
Let's start this mini journey with my sketch. I did this sketch for an embroidery idea, but when Pam See suggested I try the Hoffman Challenge this drawing appeared to be better suited for this project. I got the fabric from Happy Apple Quilts at the beginning of May.


Step 2 or so. Here is the sketch made into the size the finished quilt will be. This shows the fabric pieces cut out and the paper pieces reassembled so I can keep track of what to sew, where the pieces connect and what to do next.
pieces laid out
My lovely workspace. The pieces are getting assembled.
start piecing

Here's the quilt nearly completely pieced.
continued piecing
 The back of the quilt and the embellishment pieces ready to attach.
back of quilt and embellishment pieces
 The quilt is pieced and waiting on me to add the embellishment pieces.
finished piecing and embellishments

The quilt is all done and here's a side view showing the embellishments.
finished side view


  1. What an interesting and intriguing piece. Great job! Your skill shows through in the large and small quilts you make. Keep it up :-)!

    1. Thanks! I have my next design picked out already. Now I just need to decide if I want to make it large or small. My fabric stash may be a determining factor in that decision though.