Embroidery: Neutron Star with Blue Dwarves

Neutron Star with Blue Dwarves

     This is my original design made into a embroidery style fabric art piece. This was once a pillow, but hey I can't sleep on it so it's now a wall hanging.  I did the braiding around the outside in an 8 strand round braid. Each of these pieces is dated and signed somewhere just like any other artist does to their work.

Shows & Awards:
First Fiber Arts Biennale: Wisconsin State of the Art 2013
          Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art

Neutron Star with Blue Dwarves sketch

      This one is a combination of 3 smaller designs. Remember that stack of scrap paper from earlier posts? These came from that pile around 1989. Ok I did these little guys in pencil, but I promise I didn't erase, fix or start over.

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