Christmas Candles

  • Dimensions: 12" x 12"
  • Design, Embroidery: Joanne Grimes
  • Fabric: Cotton irregular weave
  • Threads: 3 Strand Embroidery
  • Stitches: Stem and French Knot.

This project was originally intended for a Christmas themed exhibit, but I abhor deadlines for hobbies. If you look closely has the colors of advent in it and where the candles should be placed druring the Christmas season.

    Click on a day to see progress:
  • Day 1, Mar 2017
  • Day 2, Mar 2017
  • Day 3, Mar 2017
  • Day 4, Feb 2018
  • Day 5, Feb 2018
  • Day 6, Feb 2018
  • Day 7, Mar 2018

  • Day 1, Mar 2017

    I pick a design.

    The design sketch.

    Day 2, Mar 2017

    The fabric is chosen and the design is drawn on.

    Day 3, Mar 2017

    I pick the threads.

    Sewing gets started.

    Day 4, Feb 2018

    Ya, I know it's been awhile. Deal with it.

    Day 5, Feb 2018

    Things are moving along a bit quicker now.

    Day 6, Feb 2018

    Two progress shots in one day. I must be motivated. I did run out of the current goldish brown thread, but I had a shade in my stash that matches it nearly perfect. See if you can figure out where I switched shades. Tee hee!

    Day 7, Mar 2018

    All done. Yes, I know it took year to get it done and it's definitely not in time for Christmas, but at least it got done. I view hobbies as projects with no deadlines. It makes everything so much easier. Cheers!

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    Winter Sun

      Click on a day to see progress:
  • Day 1, Mar 2017
  • Day 2, Mar 2018

  • Day 1, Mar 2017

    I pick the design.

    Here's the original rough sketch design. This looks like some winter suns early in the morning.

    Day 2, Mar 2018

    I pick the fabrics.

    I match the piece numbers with the fabric numbers.

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