Bloggers Quilt Festival: Through the TARDIS Window


Through the TARDIS Window
design-Joanne Grimes
entirely pieced
quilted by Joanne Grimes with hand embroidery decorative top stitching and machine in-the-ditch stitching.
  size-50" x 55"
"Through the TARDIS window" is a wonderful example of the unpredictability of my sketches. When I do a sketch I don't have any thought in mind of an end product. I just fill the page with lines and whatnot and when I'm done I take a step back. Then I can start to see what it might look like in fabric. When I went to work on the quilt I envisioned the sketch as a stained glass window in an abandoned stone castle with flowers nearly taking over the window and castle walls. When I showed the finished quilt to a friend she saw trees sharing the same foliage in the center area. Then when I took pics and hung it on the wall my daughter and I saw the Doctor Who intro of the TARDIS hurling through space. I went with the last thing I saw before I went goofy trying to figure out a title. Now all of you may see something completely different so tell me what you see.The original post is here.

Bloggers Quilt Festival: Peacock Bloom

Peacock Bloom
       Here is my contribution to the wall hanging category. This is entirely pieced except for the fabric embellishments. I hand quilted the top. This measures 36" x 36". It was designed by me.  The original post is here.